Mid-face Lift

The midface or cheek lift is an endoscopic procedure that can lift sagging cheeks, smooth out furrows around the nose and tighten the corners of your lips. This procedure is sometimes used in combination with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift) to give fullness to the cheek and smooth the tear trough beneath the eyes. In some patients, an implant can be used in the area beneath the cheek to give a volume lift at the same time. This can be a permanent improvement!

Because this is an endoscopic procedure, it is minimally invasive and requires only small incisions inside the mouth or in the hairline at your temples. A tiny fiber optic lens is inserted through the incisions. The tissues in the mid-cheek area is repositioned and the sagging skin is tightened over the cheekbones. If an implant is used, this is placed in a small pocket down onto the bone of the cheek. This allows volume restoration and a permanent correction in the area.

Because the incisions are tiny and hidden, you will see very little visible scarring. You should experience very little discomfort, though some swelling is inevitable. Recovery time will be minimal and typically patients are back out socially after 7 days. A little makeup may be need if any bruising is still present.